Wazup, guys this is my fun website. You can search stuff up, code things, and just have fun and display cool things. You can have cool chats with friends and people all over the world making you be able to experience life in other parts of the world. This website is free to use, until you start using this to chat with people all over the world, although you can call them free. Adding credit will just help make the call and video quality better. To you serious users, you only need to pay $5 a month to have unlimited high-quality video and calls. You can also buy ranks, which will help you gain access to exclusive features, such as emojis, games, and other things! The ranks cost $1 for Bronze, $2 for Silver, $3 for Gold, and $10 for the Diamond rank. There will only be 10 available Emerald ranks, which give you access to every exclusive feature, and a limited edition Macbook. You may also spend $8 every month to be able to use a code editor and also spend $4 to maintain the code. NOTE: Code that is not maintained or updated every week will be erased from international and global chat. You can make money if you gain more than 10,000 Funtexters liking your post. You make 20 cents per like once you pass 10,000 likes. Bye! Signed, Creator, Brian Lee

Funtext Search Engine


Christopher: I have been using this site for 12 years, and I have had no complaints on this. It will lag a bit sometimes, as more than a billion people are using it right now.

Yolanda: I really love the Diamond rank the creator include. It is so intrestign and fun.

Ryan: I really love this site because I can talk with my family that lives in Guam!